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About MyPracticeCares

MyPracticeCares starts, raises and runs Patient Compassion Funds for dental practices and DSOs.
Setup is free to practices. Funds are donated by a practice's patient community, so practices can help those unable to afford care.
MyPracticeCares dentists are curing the unpaid healthcare bill epidemic--the top cause of personal bankruptcy and #1 reason patients skip care and meds and visit emergency rooms.
MyPracticeCares is part of the League Network PBC family of AI-driven fintech platforms, led by serial technology entrepreneurs. MyPracticeCares partners with America’s top dental practice management software platforms and healthcare payment networks. We are backed by famous venture capital, impact, corporate and international investors.

MyPracticeCares Leadership

The MyPracticeCares leadership team has led over a dozen IT, media and fundraising startups in HR, fintech, sports and media. Our fast-growing team of expert campaign fundraising Captains, Sales and Technology works with dental practices and DSOs nationwide who are joining the Patient Compassion Fund revolution.

Jay Whitehead
Jay Whitehead

Jay has 5 exits in IT, Media and fundraising.

BA from UCLA, Strategic Finance Harvard Business School

Anne-Sophie Whitehead
Anne-Sophie Whitehead
Founder & COO

Anne-Sophie has 3 exits in Media.

BS from ICN France, MBA from UCL Belgium

Gurvinder Batra
Gurvinder Batra

Gurvinder has 2 exits in IT & Media and has launched over 500 apps.

BE from Jamia Millia Islamia India

Alex Prasad
Alex Prasad

Alex is a startup & sports business lawyer.

BA from U Michigan, JD from U Notre Dame

How It Works

MyPracticeCares starts, raises and runs tax-deductible Patient Compassion Funds foundations for free for dental practices and DSOs. Net proceeds after a small bank and platform fee allow practices to pay Qualified Patient Bills from their Patient Compassion Fund via their MyPracticeCares Mastercard.

How It Works


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