How it Works

MyPracticeCares raises and runs Patient Compassion Funds for member physician practices.

Patient Compassion Funds grow physician practices by raising donor funds so 100 million underinsured and uninsured patients can afford essential care such as medical transport, office visits, co-payments, and tests.

Today, up to 100 million underinsured and uninsured Americans become patients-in-need, suddenly unable to afford the cost of medical transport, co-payments, doctor visits and treatments, or tests. During our lifetimes, many of us, our family, friends and neighbors, will become patients-in-need. As untreated medical conditions of a patient-in-need worsens, he or she may visit a crowded hospital emergency room, or even die unnecessarily. Meanwhile, physician practices routinely spend 20% of their resources caring for patients-in-need, costs that limit the practices’ ability to grow. By funding essential cost-of-care for patients-in-need, MyPracticeCares helps its member practices grow.

MyPracticeCares is not health insurance, and not charity. It is a membership fintech service that helps physician practices grow by raising and running donor-driven Patient Compassion Funds that cover initial cost-of-care services for a practice’s patients-in-need. As part of its service, MyPracticeCares provides its member physicians and their practices annual local and national media recognition for their community leadership and compassion.

MyPracticeCares is powered by League Network PBC’s expert crowdfunding team and AI-driven fundraising and medical payment technologies. MyPracticeCares partners with America’s largest healthcare payment networks, and is backed by over two dozen venture capital, impact, corporate and international investors.